Sometimes it just hits you…

Posted on December 14, 2009


Today I was a very welcomed chill day. I woke up early to go to a meeting with a lady who forgot that we had a meetings, so needless to say it was very short.

After that I hit up the Russian Market to see if there would be anything I would be interested in and to look for Christmas presents for family. I think I have just about nailed down what I want to get everyone but I just need to get it.

Alas I headed home and waited for Clara to call and tell me that she needed my help. She is working on some reports and letters and so I went over and did a grammar check. She is from Bangladesh and so her english is a little shaky and so it is my pleasure to help. I mean we all know that I never mind writing and I get to do a little bit of that too.

After that I stopped by the store to grab a few things and came home and made a few sandwiches and have just been relaxing. I am definitely looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I plan to sleep late and go to the gym when I finally get up. I know what you are thinking, its such a hard life as a missionary, sleeping in and working out, and let me tell ya its a great life.

Lately for whatever reason I find myself being more home sick than I have been. I was riding a tuk tuk the other day and it was still early and there was a cool breeze and I swear I just wanted to be in my grand mothers front yard in the midst of dead leaves feeling the cold wind on my cheeks. I have no idea what it was that really made me think of it but I just in that moment found myself missing Ore City Texas in the fall or I guess winter now. Its crazy how those feelings can come on you without warning and can hit you so hard. Dont get me wrong I love being here and wouldnt change a thing but when those moments come, for that brief moment I loose myself in thoughts of home.

I’m sure that by the time I leave here I will find myself having those thoughts wherever I am located about Cambodia. On a more positive note I went to Steve’s Steakhouse the other day for lunch and though its a little more pricey it was worth it cause I saw an add for a Turkey dinner from Dec 1 – 31 so you can def. put money on where I am going to be on Christmas Day. I thought I would have to wait a year and a half before having turkey, seeing as how they dont have turkey’s here but I guess they import the meat. It will be a welcomed treat as I have had about enough Chicken and Ham and Tuna. It will be a little taste of home to get me through what will probably be the toughest day of the year for me.

Well I guess thats all I have for this installment but I want to leave you with a couple things that I have found of interest but have not been able to work into my blogs yet.

1. They don’t have 7 -Eleven here but I have seen 6- eleven mart and 7 Elephants Mart. SO I guess if you put them together you have your 7 – eleven

2. Tuk Tuk drivers that dont speak english are a lot of fun. When you tell them where you want to go 6 in 1 and pick em if they actually know where you want to go but they respond “Yeah Yeah” and start driving. Sometimes you are lucky enough that they pull over and ask another driver if not they just drive hoping to find it. Makes for some interesting rides.

3. When listening to people talk in Khmer you will begin to think you hear words that are english, you are just fooling yourself. You really have no idea what they are saying and it certianly isnt english.

4. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a store and there are people speaking a different language and looking at you and you feel like they are talking about you. If you want that feeling everywhere you go, come to Cambodia. I dont know whether I am just really attractive or funny looking but I sure get enough looks.

5. First week I was here I got a fruit basket and it had green bananas in it. I waited for them to ripen and waited, and waited. They eventually rotted, then I found out that it was a green banana and it never gets yellow, that explains a lot.

*This list is inspired by Holli Vinig’s “Quirks and Joys” blogs. I give credit where credit is due*

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