And a family gets bigger

Posted on December 16, 2009


Today was a very exciting day. Yesterday on my way home from looking at a few stores and trying to work out I asked my Tuk Tuk driver if he knew of any places that sold dogs. He said that we would get back to me tomorrow. So today he texted me and said he had found a few places. After looking at these two places and finding nothing but dogs that were 60 dollars or more I decided to just get a pizza and call it a day. After I got my pizza we saw some dogs in a kennel and decided to check them out. There were 3 dogs in the kennel and only one that looked like a dog that I would get.

I saw this cute dog and began to pet the dog and the dog and I fell in love. He followed me around in his kennel as I looked at the leashes and shampoo. After finding out the he would be a far bit cheaper and that I could get a deal on the leash and shampoo with the dog I thought why not. Many of you know that I have been hesitant to get a dog up till now and even as I write this Im not sure if it was the best idea. There are many reasons not to do something but I can give this little dog a home and this little dog can get me something I have been longing for since I got here, a companion.

Of course as I got the dog home and we began bonding I came to a shocking realization. Right about the time he pooped and peed on the floor for the first time I realized, I have no idea how to raise a dog. Give me a cat and I can raise it up right but I know nothing about raising a dog. After cruzing the web and reading up I am definitely up to the challenge. It will be a lot of work teaching him to go outside but I am equal the task. I even got lucky enough to already find someone to take him when I leave if I cannot bring him back to the states.

We took a nap together this afternoon  and right now I am sitting with my back leaned up on the couch and he is laid down on the couch right at my head sleeping, as Rick says in Casablanca, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!”

I did have to leave him for a few hours to go to the Christmas party for the staff of the Childrens programs and it was great. I won a tin of cookies in a drawing and we played games and have AMAZING indian food. All in all it was a wonderful day.

I am having a naming contest on facebook to help me name my new dog. There is a picture of him there and I will post one here as well. The 4  best names will be put into a poll on my website and hopefully by sat or sun we will know what his name will be. I hope you all get involved and put in either your suggestion or your favorite of the suggestions posted.