We only know what we know…

Posted on December 19, 2009


Greetings, it has been a few days since I posted and some of you, if not all of you, know by now. I got a puppy a few days ago and well I am learning that puppies are much harder to take care of then kittens. I dont know why I thought any different but lets just say I have had a tough past couple of days.

Like I said before, I know nothing about raising a dog and have been looking up tips online, but the problem is every dog is different and they all come with their own different issues. You know they say that owners project on to their animals there own personality and it took less than a day to realize that my dog has abandonment issues just like his owner. I knew dogs were loving and get attached to people, but I was not ready for this much attachment. Its almost like having a clingy girlfriend or something. It just follows you around and if you leave and dont say anything for a while he thinks that you have gone, even if you are in the same room.

When I leave he sits at the door crying and today I came home to a pool of dried blood at the door where he apparently either cut his paws trying to rear up on the window and look out or just wore down the skin from trying to dig out. And after doing this he decided he would walk all over the house, jump on the bed, pee on the pillow, jump on the couch, oh and I forgot to mention he also pooped on the floor and walked through it so no only is he tracking blood but also poop.

I have been watching CSI:NY and I swear I thought I was coming home to a crime scene today. With all the blood, I felt like i should put down markers and take pictures and try and track the dogs movements, which would have been easy to do seeing as how his little paw prints lead the way

Right now I am doing laundry, sheets and pillow covers to be exact and I will be sleeping in the spare room tonight as the sheets wont be dry in time. I know what you are thinking, and you are right, this is funny, but its also scary. What if I can’t do it, what if I can’t give this dog the attention that it needs or break it of the neediness? Worst case secinario I find him a new home, but not before I give this everything I got.

One thing I have come to an understanding is that I refuse to get angry with this dog for being a dog. I will not yell at him or get angry because he has issues, because lets me real so do I. I mean I am the one keeping a dog in an apartment so I should understand he is going to need time to adjust. What it all comes down to is he is a dog and he only knows what dogs know, he doesnt have this massive brain, he has a little puppy brain and I need to respect that.

After thinking about this for a while I started seeing this from a different point of view. I found myself wondering if this is how God feels. I sure hope so, I sure hope God takes in to consideration that we are just people, and we only have little people brains and are not omniscient. See the truth is to my little dog, he really thinks that when I go into the bathroom to take a shower that I have left. He doesnt know that there is really only two ways out of my house, to him I could leave at any moment. When I am out of the room I am gone to hi, and it is up to me to teach him that it will be ok when I am gone and that I will return. The only way I can think to prove this to him is to always come back. I guess I could teach him that he doesnt need me but then where is the relationship. I didnt get a dog so that the dog could go about living his life with no need for me what so ever. No I got him so that we could grow together and become buddies.

Isn’t this just like us, its almost as if we spend our whole lives trying to be sure that God is there and will always be there. Just how the dog doesnt fully comprehend that that when I leave the room, I’m not really gone, we have trouble comprehending the glory and splendor that is God. We think when God doesnt show, or things do go well that God is absent, and though it may feel like that in the depths our soul God has left the apartment, God has not left and never has. What we want as humans is the same thing that the dog wants, to stay in constant sight of God. (well my dog doesnt want to stay in constant sight of God, he wants to stay in constant sight of me, but you get what I was meaning) And so we search and we walk around whining saying, “WHERE ARE YOU IN ALL OF THIS?”

I can only hope that God has the same attitude towards us that I have towards my dog, in that I cannot hold against this little puppy the fact that he is constrained by knowing only what he knows as a dog. We only know what we know as people, we cannot view the world as God views the world and I feel that God knows that and has mercy on us for because of it.

And the most beautiful thing about all of this is that God did not just create us so that we could learn to not need God. God’s goal is not to train us so that we do not need God. God’s goal is to give us the reassurance that though it may seem, for whatever reason, like God is not present, God is most definitely with each and everyone of us. Once we understand this we can focus less on the where is God? and more on the Where am I WITH God?

I pray that we would allow ourselves to know that those we are just little people to God, God wants a relationship with each and everyone of us, so much so that God sent his only son, born in a manger. May we never forget just how much God loves us.