Take 3…

Posted on December 23, 2009


Alright this is take three of my next blog post. The first of which happened a few days ago. I wrote for about an hour and it was truly hideous to the point where I was ashamed to post it. I just, for whatever reason, could not find my stride and could tell that i was trying way to hard.

Last Night I began writing but was interrupted and by the time I got back to writing I had lost any real desire to write. And so we try one more time and this time I have a feeling that I will succeed. Up till now I have been very good at posting atleast every other day but things have slowed down here and to be completly honest I havent been up to a lot.

I do not start my next project till the 4th of January so it may be that I do not post as much for the meer fact that I refuse to write just to write. I want what I write to have some meaning, whether it be filling you in on what I am doing that is interesting or thoughts that are going through my head. So thats just a disclaimer if I do not post much. I am sure that come Christmas day I will have plenty of reflections about this being my first Christmas away from my family but to be honest at this point it doesnt feel like Christmas at all.

The only thing that really keeps me around the idea of Christmas is my readings and the occasional mention of it with people here and others around the world. I dont know what it is but it just lacks a certain Mise en scene. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mise_en_scène) I just mis the lights and the trees, the cold weather and all the wonderful things that usually accompany Christmas. That being said it will really be ok to not have all of that because I think it will teach me something, not sure what yet but I know it will.

Like I said I havent been up to a whole lot as of late. I have jjust been hanging out with cooper an working on housebreaking him and bonding. He is a very loving dog. He takes advantage of any chance that he can to sleep next to me or on me if he can work it. He follows me around and if I go anywhere near the front door he thinks I am going to leave and watches intently to see my next move.

Today I went on the look out for a kennel or crate to make his home. I need to begin crate training him soon and want him to have time to get used to the crate before i have to being putting him in it while I am gone during the day teaching. It was a difficult thing to find because believe it or not there is no Petco in Cambodia, or anything like it. We literally had to go to metal fabrication shops and ask them if they could make one. One place was going to charge 100 dollars and I of course passed. We finally got lucky and found a place that actually had one already assembled. It didnt look like it had been used it ages but other than rust it is in good shape and it was cheap. We strapped it to the top of the tuk tuk and head back to m y apt. We cleaned it up and as soon as I put a coat of paint or two on it I think it will be great. I will be painting it a shade of yellow because someone suggested that I pain ti yellow and I thought why not.

Other than that I really dont have a whole lot to say. I have been in a contemplative mood as of late but really have nothing of real consequence to show for it. Last night around 3 oclock Coop woke me up cause he wanted to go outside and of course being the wonderful dad that I am I obliged. We were out of the balcony and it was very nice. The weather during the night here has be amazing, so great that I would love to get a hammock to just lay in outside at night. As I stood out on my balcony with the neighborhood around me sleeping I looked up and just took some time to look at the stars. Yes I live in the city and yes you can see the stars. At night all the lights are turned off and you can actually get a pretty good view of the stars. I just stood there and looked up and around. I am so grateful to be here, in Cambodia, doing what I am doing and I hope that I never forget how special that is.

I have been toying with the idea of starting another blog to work on a writing project. I have not decided if I should do it or not but I know that I have plenty of previous ideas and posts that I might be able to put together to make into a book of some sort someday. But before that I have to organize all the random writing in some way. I found myself reading old posts on my other blog and I want to go back and re read previous post, especially the “When the bible meets real life”. I think its interesting to read what I had previously written because it sort of takes me back like a trip back in time to what I was thinking and feeling. We will see what comes of all of this. Maybe it will be a good project to do while I wait for my next project to come with loads of inspiration on new posts.

Well tomorrow is Christmas eve and I hope that everyone has all of their shopping done and is ready for Christmas day. I look forward to my Christmas plans and getting to skype with the family as they open gifts on Christmas Morning in Texas. I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

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