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We only know what we know…

December 19, 2009


Greetings, it has been a few days since I posted and some of you, if not all of you, know by now. I got a puppy a few days ago and well I am learning that puppies are much harder to take care of then kittens. I dont know why I thought any different but […]

The Final Chapter but not the end

December 13, 2009


Today I we had our last Christmas performance of the season and it was a wonderful ending. We have our Christmas program at CLCA Orphanage ¬†and the kids di not dissapoint in the least. There was singing, dancing, drama, and of course feeding the kids which is the most rewarding part. Whats great about this […]

Changed by the hands of children, and the hand of God

December 10, 2009


Let me start off by saying that I will never be the same, and I am thankful for that. Its not that the life I had before was a horrible one, it was not, it was amazing. I got to work with the greatest kids a youth director could ask for, I have an amazing […]

Kids are Kids are Kids

November 20, 2009


First I would like to apologize but a majority of my blog posts atleast for the next few weeks are going to be about children since they will be the bulk of the work that I am doing. But really who doesn’t want to hear funny and endearing stories about how kids will be kids. […]

Jesus loves the little children…and so do I!

November 19, 2009


Yesterday I began my work with the children of Cambodia. I began my work at a place called the dump site, which is quite literally a dump site where trash is taken. People have taken up residence in the site and so the church offers a school for children who might not other wise get […]