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Learning from The Buddha

February 5, 2011


“In his view (The Buddha), the spiritual life  cannot begin until people allow  themselves to be invaded by the reality of suffering, realize  how fully it permeates our whole experience, and feel  the pain of all other beings, even those who we don’t find congenial.” Karen Armstrong “Buddha“ You may have noticed by the author […]

God of Unity

January 31, 2011


“At the same moment in which you discover – or rather, live – the experience of the Unity and Trinity of God within you, you discover and live the unity of your human existence. You need no longer ask yourself, ‘Who am I?” You know it, see it, you live it. By finding God in […]

“Everything does not happen for a reason”

August 12, 2010


“A wise man from my home once old me that these mountains have seen far too much suffering and killing, and that each rock and every boulder you see represents a mujahadeen who died fighting either the Russians or the Taliban. Then the man went on to say that now that the fighting is finished, […]

Dinner with family

August 7, 2010


“We are the agents of the Creative Spirit in this world. Real advance in the spiritual life, then, means accepting this vocation with all it involves. Not merely turning over the pages of an engineering magazine and enjoying the pictures, but putting on the overalls and getting on with the job. The real spiritual life […]

A Return to Community

August 4, 2010


“I dont know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” – Albert Schweitzer Last night was one of those night. I found it difficult to turn off my brain. I am […]

As I sit…

November 17, 2009


As I sit out on my balcony on this November night I am reminded of how precious life is. I was drawn out to my balcony by what seemed like loud noise coming from down the road. I opened my door and as I opened it a cool breeze hit my face as did the […]

Asian Methodist Youth Network

October 28, 2009


“Working together for peace and justice in a globalized world” As many of you know I am in Siem Reap Cambodia this week for the Asian Methodist Youth Network. This is a meeting that happens once every couple of years to gather youth and youth leaders from all over Asia to talk about issues they […]