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An Extraordinary Life

January 3, 2011


“Extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people” Reepicheep in The Chronicles of Narnia and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader As many of you may know I am a bit of a Narnia fan, in face one of the sayings that the youth from FUMC Katy often remind me of is “Thats Amazing like Narnia”. Since […]

Hope or Despair

August 17, 2010


“[T]he distinguishing characteristic of absolute despair is silence. There is a world of difference between the person who, believing that there is now use, says so to himself or to no one, and the person who says it aloud to someone else. A person who marks his trail into despair remembers hope – and thus […]

Bad Work vs. Good Work

August 2, 2010


” There is the bad work of pride. There is also the bad work of despair – done poorly out of the failure of hope or vision.Despair is the too little of responsibility, as pride the too much. The shoddy work of despair, the pointless work of pride, equally betray Creation. They are wastes of […]